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This is the Book to Have Important, Brave, Life-Changing Conversations about Race and Racism

Rosalind Wiseman and Shanterra McBride 


About Courageous Discomfort

Hi! Welcome to our book, Courageous Discomfort! 


We work in communities all over the country, from the most conservative to the most liberal, having candid conversations that bring people together and inspire a sense of hope.


We wrote Courageous Discomfort to help bring common sense and dignity to how we talk about race and racism. We do this through answering the 20 most common, uncomfortable, but critical questions we get asked about race and racism, including:


• Should I see color?

• What if I say something wrong?

• How racist does someone have to be for me to say something?


There is no perfect solution or script for every maybe-racist, sort-of-racist, or blatantly-racist situation we can find ourselves in. And that’s ok! Courageous Discomfort shows you how to handle whatever situation you find yourself in with skill, confidence, and dignity.

Thank you for being here, 

Rosalind and Shanterra

From the title - Courageous Discomfort - to the many honest and vulnerable moments shared throughout, the book offers all of us an opportunity to listen better, learn from one another, forgive, and connect - truly connect - with people we share community with. Courageous Discomfort is very much a living, breathing guide to developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with folks who come from different backgrounds. It should be required reading for all parents, guardians, educators and frankly - anyone who believes in the common good and the beauty of humanity. Shanterra and Rosalind pour their hearts and souls into a book that is truly for the people. And the best part may be the many moments where their beautiful friendship and partnership models the good work we should all do. Thank you for this gift of a book!

-Ali Morgan,

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Teacher and Coach - Rye Country Day School ; 

Leader of the Fairchester Diversity Practitioners Network

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